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We're John and Kristin from No Ordinary Path. Everyone has their own RV jam and boondocking is ours after almost 5 years on the road full-time. There's nothing quite like being out in the middle of nowhere with epic views, lots of space, and peace and quiet when we want it. We love that our kids can play without feeling stressed that we aren't disturbing anyone, we aren't crammed up against another rig and our dog can be off-leash. Oh, and did I mention it's usually FREE?! But...


When it comes to off-grid RVing, there's a bit of a learning curve

We're on a mission to make boondocking easy, fun, and accessible for everyone. Our goal is to uncomplicate boondocking, lay out clear steps to getting started, test out the best boondocking spots, and create a complete guide to all things dry camping. Whether you're a seasoned boondocker or just starting out, there's something here for everyone. So pack up your RV and let's hit the road!


Each location has a brief description, directions and a "More Details" button to read our full review.

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Our EXACT PROCESS to finding a Boondocking Site // Step by Step Guide

Our EXACT PROCESS to finding a Boondocking Site // Step by Step Guide

Sometimes finding the best boondocking site is the hardest part. In this video we walk you through our process step by step. **************************** RESOURCES ************************** Public Land Information: National Forest Campground Map: BLM Map: AZ State Trust Land Information: AZ State Trust Land Map: ******************** NEW TO OUR CHANNEL? ******************* New to our Channel? We are so glad you are here! Learn more about us here --- How do we live this way? Check out our RV Living Playlist --- More on Travel Nursing here --- Each week we put out a new Episode following our journey on the weekend. We shoot for Fridays but sometimes the nature of our life requires us to upload Saturday or Sunday. We also do a Tuesday video called Real Talk Tuesday where we spill the beans on many aspects of our everyday life including RV how-to, Travel Nursing and Road Schooling. Thanks for joining us! Leave us a comment and tell us where you are in your own unordinary journey. We love connecting with you. ***************** SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ******************** 🌻FAMILY BLOG - 💙FACEBOOK - 📷INSTAGRAM - PINTEREST -

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Our comprehensive boondocking ebook is a must-read. From understanding the different types of boondocking to finding the perfect campsite, managing resources, and staying safe, our ebook covers it all. Plus, you'll learn about the pros and cons of boondocking, how to make friends on the road, and so much more.

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