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Desert Highway

Find Your Path With Confidence

Unordinary adventures await.

Uncomplicate boondocking with our comprehensive ebook.

"I want to break away from RV Parks and find those EPIC views, but I'm nervous to get started."

That was exactly how we felt about boondocking 5 years ago when we were basically thrown into it after not being able to secure an RV site in Phoenix.  We figured we had already taken a leap to move into our RV. What's one more leap? The biggest hurdle wasn't all the "gear" we needed it was our own fear. Since then, we've been boondocking 100% through each winter and whenever else we get the opportunity throughout the rest of the year. We've taken everything we have learned in that time and put it all in one place. 

Discover how to manage all logistics of off-grid RVing, find the perfect spots, cultivate community, and stay safe while boondocking in America's most gorgeous places. 

What's included in these 54 pages?

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Types of Boondocking, Sort Term Vs. Long Term
Managing Power: Batteries, Generators, and Solar
Propane Tips: Managing, Best Prices, Safety
Managing Fresh Water: Where, Potable, Storing
Managing Black and Grey Tanks

Internet Options and Types of Services
Other Logistics like Groceries, Laundry, Trash
Moochdocking: How to hook up without hookups
How we find the best spots: Our Exact Process
Safety: Situational Awareness, Weather, Fire
Community: How to Make Friends on the Road


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