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You Have A Choice

We are the Farnsworths - an average family living a not so average life. We are not rich but we believe that time spent with each other is priceless, considerably more valuable than any social norm or standard. We sold everything to move our family of five and our dog into a 37 foot travel trailer and explore the United States using travel nursing as our means. We are having a blast living this RV lifestyle but it is not our end game. We have many more just as crazy ideas that we look forward to pursing in years to come on our unordinary path and we hope to inspire others to step out of the box and take a chance on a life of freedom and fulfillment.

When we moved back to Kansas in 2017, John almost went back to school for a Master's degree. In fact, he was accepted and enrolled at UMKC to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. But there was zero passion there. It was just a path to a greater paycheck and another ladder to climb. And it would be paved with many hours away from the family and more student loan debt. So we decided that wasn't the right path for us. At least not then. Maybe someday. Or maybe another opportunity all together will arise. One year later we took the travel nurse/move into our RV leap and we've been on the road since. People ask us a lot, "what's your end game?" And the truth is, we have no idea. We're just enjoying the journey.

The thing is, you have a choice. There is ALWAYS a choice. Are you willing to do the scary thing (whatever that thing is for you) and take that different path? We're here to say, you can do it!



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