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We Love Atlas Medstaff!

On our way back to the Midwest for our next contract we took a slight detour into Omaha Nebraska and crashed Atlas Medstaff! Atlas is the Travel Nursing Agency that John has been working with for the last three contracts and we absolutely love them.

Here's why.

They have a community feeling unlike any other place we've worked with. The recruiters genuinely care for their nurses and it funnels from the top. Bottom line, they really take care of their people. My favorite thing is how they include our whole family. When they found out that we were coming they told us to make sure we brought the whole family - including Cinder!

Filming with them was so much fun. We did a few interviews and I'm pretty sure John was drooling over their equipment a little! Check out the interview recap HERE.

Check out our video about our experience there and why we won't be looking elsewhere for a travel nursing job.



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