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Twin Hallows Canyon | Utah Boondocking

This is a great location between Kanab and Zion National Park. We stayed here for two separate nights and it was a convenient spot just off Highway 89. It was pretty busy in April and there were several ATVs. I think the thing we loved the most about it was that it was right near the Belly of the Dragon hike, a unique culvert that has been carved out over time. We would not advise staying here long term but it served us well for the two nights we needed it. We don't have many pictures of the area as we were enamored by the hike but there is room for about 5 RVs. We stayed near the entrance off the highway but there are several spots as you drive past the trailhead. They were full at the time we visited. We suggest scouting before driving back there with your RV.


  • Location: 37.214101,-112.684752

  • Length We Stayed: 2 Nights

  • Solitude: Lots of traffic & other RVs

  • Services: None

  • T-Mobile Coverage: some

  • AT&T Coverage: decent

  • Time of year we stayed: April

  • Nearby Services: Chevron in Mt. Carmel offers free water and dump with the purchase of fuel

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