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Tri-City Lake Conservation Area | MO Boondocking

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

In the fall, this was just a beautiful little spot by the water. There are no services here though so be prepared to pack in and out. There were a fisherman and hunters coming and going but other than that it was pretty quite. We stayed here a week before caving to the cold but would have loved to stay longer.


Length We Stayed: 1 week

Solitude: Only one other camper, one night

Distance to John's Work: 30 min

Services: None - pack in and out

T-Mobile Coverage: Decent

Time of year we stayed: November

Nearest Free Dump: Gander, RV

Location Notes:

Very beautiful, small community lake. We saw a few fisherman and hunters but no one bothered us. There is a sign that says no swimming which would be a bummer in the summer. The kids wanted to get their raft out but it was a bit cold. There are vaulted toilets here but no water. There are trash cans around but unclear if they are emptied in the winter. We filled up with water before leaving our previous location. You could fill up containers at Walmart but it would be about a 30 minute drive.





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