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Three Rivers Casino (Florence) | OR Boondocking

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

We don't normally include lot docking as we prefer to stay in dispersed sites and run our generator. Given the difficulty in finding places along the coast we thought we would include this one. We stayed here for one night before heading up the coast. You can stay for free for the first night. Then you must spend money inside to earn more nights up to four nights total. When you arrive you'll need to go inside to check in and you'll get a pass for the first night. We aren't big gamblers and obviously have kiddos so we didn't hang around but it was a nice, safe, place to stay for the night. We also left it in the lot while we explored the area in the afternoon and the next morning.

We actually don't have any pictures of our own so we'll leave this one from their website and a link to their rules and information.

We had a wonderful time explore the southern and mid Oregon Coast! There is so much to do and see.



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