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Exit Glacier Rd NF | AK Boondocking

Exit Glacier Road is just outside of Seward and is really the only boondocking area near town. The road is only open during the summer and has several pull out spots along it. The first big one is not open to overnight parking but the others are. It's not super private but it is convenient for an overnight stay. We ended up staying in one of these pull offs for two nights in a row but left with our rig and went into town rather than leave it there during the day.


  • Location: 60.166101, -149.498425

  • Length We Stayed: 2 nights

  • Solitude: Not super private

  • Services: none

  • T-Mobile Coverage: none

  • ATT&T Coverage: none

  • Time of year we stayed: July

There is a wide open space next to the river with a very narrow entrance. If you can fit (we did with our 37 foot travel trailer but it was pretty tight) there is plenty of room and you'll be surrounded by beauty. We saw a few tent campers and one other small trailer. The GPS point should take you to the entrance. As mentioned before, there are also other pull offs. Some are paved and just right next the road and some are spots you can back into if you have a smaller rig.

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