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National Forest Near Sedona | AZ Boondocking

There are several spots located along 89 Highway between Cottonwood and Sedona. In fact, a local friend told us this area is known as "Main Street" because it is such a popular boondocking location. When we visited it happened to be on a beautiful holiday weekend and most of the "good" spots were taken already. We ended up going to an area just a little south of "main street." I'll leave both coordinates below.


  • Where we stayed: 34.801223, -111.920085

  • "Main Street" 34.833159, -111.908447

  • Length We Stayed: 3 nights

  • Solitude: Tons of sites, plenty of space

  • Services: None

  • T-Mobile Coverage: Excellent

  • AT&T Coverage: Some

  • Time of year we stayed: Feb

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