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Russell Sage WMA | LA Boondocking

There are about five pull-outs along highway 80, each with a driveway-type road leading through the woods to a clearing. We stayed here while on our way to North Carolina and only stayed one night in April. The bugs were INSANE as there was water all around. It was especially soggy as it had rained a bunch. The road was gravel but step off it and you will sink. It was a nice place to rest for the evening but we probably wouldn't stay here in the summertime.

Fair warning: This area is prone to bad spring storms. We left early as we were in the line of tornados.


  • Location: 32.514455, -91.937683

  • Length We Stayed: 1 Night

  • Solitude: 5-7 other pullouts

  • Services: None

  • T-Mobile Coverage: average

  • Time of year we stayed: April

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