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Round Prairie Interpretive Site | MO Boondocking

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

An unexpected gem in the middle of fields! We really enjoyed staying here an chose to fully utilize our 14 days. It would be a great overnight if you are passing through Missouri on I-70 and don't mind a small detour.


Length We Stayed: 14 Days (ish...)

Solitude: We shared the small space a few nights and even had some late arrivals at 2 am a couple of times. (See notes)

Distance to John's Work: 30 min

Services: None - Water and trash nearby at Dry Fork

T-Mobile Coverage: Decent

Time of year we stayed: October

Nearest Dump Station: Gander RV

Location Notes:

This was a fantastic site with lots of room and areas for the kids and Cinder to play. We were tucked away in the middle of a field so there were not a lot of visitors. We did meet some neighbors who were friendly and said they come by often to pick up trash that others had left behind and keep the place clean. Another neighbor kindly told us that hunting season was about to start and we may not want to stay there through that as it gets a lot of traffic. A Ranger also came and checked on us once and made sure we knew the 14 day rule. We did actually end up staying a few more days as John was working while Kristin and the kids were in KC so he was unable to move. We had a few nights where people would arrive at 2am to pull in and sleep. Perhaps because it's not too far from I-70? We were never bothered and they would be gone before we woke the next morning. Water and trash was close at Dry Fork Recreation Area and we were able to use the dump at Gander RV for free with our Good Sam membership.





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