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Museum Reciprocity

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

We didn't set out to be museum hoppers. We prefer learning outdoors and visiting National Parks. But we learned after a while that our kids really enjoy science and children museums. And we also learned that can really add up. It wasn't until we were a year and a half in that someone told us about museum reciprocity. It's basically when you purchase a membership at one museum who are members of a nationwide program that allows you discounts or even free memberships to other museums all over the country.

There are many museums you can join and you don't even have to be there in person to do so. We did some research to find the best place to purchase a membership. We chose Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. For $135 for the family, this membership includes admission and special privileges to Boonshoft Museum in Dayton Ohio (should we get out that way) and reciprocity for three different kinds of museums for 1 year:

Each organization has rules on how it can be used and a complete list of museums that participate. We have been really pleased with it so far. Unfortunately we purchased it just before Covid hit and many museums have been closed but we've already gotten our money's worth with just two visits. In AZ we went to the Science Museum and Idea Museum. We hope we are able to use it more as more places start to open again. It's such a great way for the kids to learn things in a hands on way - especially during the winter when being outside might be harder.



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