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Rabbit Valley BLM | CO Boondocking

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

This is an awesome location just on the Colorado side of the CO/UT border. It's perfect for stopping for a night right off of I-70 highway. Although we did not get to stay in the site we thought we would, the parking lot area was just fine.


Location: 39.19371, -109.02999

Length We Stayed: 1 Nights

Solitude: Lots of room - May be busier when warm

Services: Vaulted Toilet

T-Mobile Coverage: Ok cell signal

Time of year we stayed: January

We enjoyed our quick time here. I think it would be a really great place to stay in the warmer months and really go out and explore either by hiking or biking. There looked like there were many spots to be had if not covered in ice. Still, the parking lot was nice and no one bothered us. The kids really enjoyed climbing the boulders.

Watch our video crossing CO and staying here for the evening.


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