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No Man's Land | OK Boondocking

It's a funny name but that's actually the name of the park and for good reason. It's really out there in the middle of nowhere in the panhandle of Oklahoma. We stopped here on our way to Kansas City from Phoenix. There are no actual sites, you just find a spot in the parking lot. There is a highway patrol office right next door so it feels pretty safe. Plus there is a dog park and a skate park! That made all our kids (even the fur kid) happy. Beware of storms in spring and early summer. This is right in the middle of tornado alley. We had a severe thunderstorm warning while we were there but it fizzled thank goodness. The best part is, there is a free dump and potable water. This is a winner for sure!

No Man's Land Regional Park

  • Location: 36.67548, -101.467583

  • Length We Stayed: 1 night

  • Solitude: other campers in the parking lot

  • Services: free dump and water!

  • Cell Coverage: decent T-mobile

  • Time of year we stayed: June


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