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Motivating Your Home (Road) School Kids

Life on the road is exhilarating and full of learning opportunities. But what do we do when suddenly we aren't doing a lot of sight seeing? This semester we have been staying put while we visit family and that has required some motivation to work out of workbooks for much of our learning.

Enter our points system. I will preface this by saying I have NEVER been good at sticking to a rewards system but somehow things just clicked and this has been working GREAT for us. For part of our curriculum we use Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool which is a completely free online Christian based resource. You can check it out here -

This year they've done some upgrading and implemented student profiles and with that, the ability to generate points earned from completing school work each day. It is FANTASTIC and largely updates their points FOR ME which is a huge plus. You can check our video for more details on exactly how it works. The short answer is they earn a parent-set amount of points for each subject and the parent also has full control over adding and subtracting points as well.

The kids helped choose the rewards they wanted to work for and they've come up with some great stuff. Here is our chart if you are looking for some ideas.

The kiddos have had a great time cashing in. So far they've gotten candy, took a day off school, chose their favorite cereal, gone on an ice cream date and saved a ton of points to go see the premiere of Frozen 2.

What are your favorite ways of motivating your kids? We'd love to hear! Home schooling is an always evolving process and things that work now might not always so we love hearing about things that are working for your family. Leave us a comment here or pop over to our YouTube Channel and let us know there.


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