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Market Trends & Merry Christmas!

First of all, from our family to yours, we wish you the Merriest Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for being part of our lives and giving us the opportunity to serve you in your travel adventure! We have a feeling 2024 is going to be amazing.

What's happening in the market this week?

  • Things are a little slow over Christmas time but it will pick back up full swing by the first of the year

  • Average RN Rates for 36 hours a week we're seeing are in the $1700-$2400 range with 48 hours making upwards of $3400 depending on specialty

  • According to the CDC, Covid and Flu cases have started to pick up again as they always do this time of year (This means we may see an uptick of jobs in the new year

  • HOT specialties right now are continue to be MedSurg, MedSurg Tele, and PCU

  • Specialties with fewer than 30 open jobs currently are PACU, Post Partum and NICU

  • We're starting to see February start dates!

Check out these HOT locations:

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We hope you have a fantastic week!



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