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Lake Havasu BLM | AZ Boondocking

There are TONs of places to boondock around Lake Havasu. The area we ended up choosing suited us well even in our big toy hauler. You aren't going to find any pristine views of the lake here or pretty trees or really much of anything other than a nice place to sleep away from the crowds. If you send a drone up REALLY high you can catch a glimpse of the water on the horizon. haha! But we found this place to be perfectly suitable for a few nights while exploring in town, at the lake, and hiking surrounding areas.

Standard Wash BLM

  • Location: 34.419613, -114.19883

  • Length We Stayed: 2 nights

  • Solitude: a few other campers but not close

  • Services: no services

  • Cell Coverage: decent T-mobile

  • Time of year we stayed: April

Watch our Lake Havasu Episode:


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