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Kindergarten Hands On Addition

Little miss Chloe is doing great with numbers and we've moved on to addition recently. We of course use a lot of computer games and tablet apps but sometimes something hands on is just better. It's always good to mix things up. So if you've got some clothes pins lying around, give this a try. As an RV family, we are short on space so it's always good to use things for multiple purposes!

All you need is a clipboard, a piece of paper and some clothes pins. If the problem was 6 + 2 I would have her clip 6 pins on the right and 2 pins on the left. Then all she had to do was count how many there were all together and write her answer down. She seemed to think it was a pretty fun game.

I've found that simple and cheap is often the best. I even let her color the clothes pins which she thought was amazing.

What are some of your ideas for addition?


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Lori Burton
Lori Burton
Sep 07, 2021

Thanks for writing tthis

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