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Ironwood Forest National Monument BLM | Tucson

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Visiting Saguaro National Park or the Tucson area? This spot might be for you. This is just outside of the Northwest side of the park. We used it as a home base for visiting both sides of the park (it splits on both sides of Tucson) as well as Sabino Canyon Recreation Area.


Location: 32.291832, -111.355569 This is the exact place we stayed but it was rough

Length We Stayed: 3 Nights

Solitude: No other Campers but some people at the main lot

Distance to John's Work: N/A

Services: None - we packed in and out

T-Mobile Coverage: No Cell Coverage

Time of year we stayed: January

We picked up some Arizona pinstripes here.

Location Notes:

The Good:

Close to Saguaro National Park and other attractions. We did not have any bad vibes or anyone bother us.

The Bad:

The road was soooo rough! We arrived at night and had we seen the condition of the road we probably wouldn't have gone back so far. It was very washed out but we still somehow managed. Make sure you go all the way through the gate as it's surrounded by private property. There is a parking area just inside the gate but it had people in it all three nights.




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