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Healthcare Related Jobs That Can Travel

"That full time travel thing sounds so cool. Too bad we don't have a career that would allow me to do something like that." This was an actual response I said out loud to a friend who went full time in their RV with their two kiddos a few years back. I thought it sounded so neat and yet so far out of reach.

Fast forward about two years when John randomly says "what if I became a travel nurse?" My mind was blown. A travel nurse? With a family? Can that even be done? YES!!

Since sharing our journey lots of people have mentioned other types of healthcare related travel jobs. In fact, we visited Atlas Medstaff in September we asked about other positions they staff and were stunned to learn just how many jobs are out there. It isn't just nursing jobs.

Here is a list of all the different types of jobs they staff at Atlas, the agency that John is currently working with.

If you would like to get in touch with Natasha Sage, John's recruiter from Atlas, let us know in the comments or by email to and we will put you in touch with her. Atlas is such a fantastic group of people to work with. We know you will love it.

Maybe you have/had a career in healthcare but for whatever reason you are looking to get away from clinical care. There are still options for you. The healthcare industry is the second largest industry for remote, work from home, jobs. We went to (a site recommended by many full time RVers) to check out what is currently available. Here's what we found:

Recruiter Positions placing other Medical professionals

Medical Transcription or Coding

Customer Service type jobs with Insurance Companies or Doctors offices

Health Insurance Claims Specialists

Medical Billing

Regulatory Writing Manager

Virtual Training Nurse

Telehealth Nurse

Call Center Resource Nurse

Wellness Coach/Nurse Coach

There are all sorts of opportunities out there when we just step out of that comfort zone a little and do some digging. We hope this helps you on your own path. Don't forget to check out our video. Happy job hunting!



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