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Finding a Great Recruiter

Pairing yourself with an awesome recruiter is vital to a successful career as a travel nurse. Making sure you mesh well with the person finding your contracts is not only efficient and beneficial but it also can become the start of a great relationship.

Here is what we look for in a great recruiter.


How easy are they to get a hold of? You want to hear back from someone within 48 hours. A great recruiter may get back within a few hours.

How can you get a hold of them? Email, text, phone?

Open and Honest:

You want to trust that your recruiter has your back.

They need to be able to find contracts that fit your lifestyle and family.

Can you trust that they will get you the best deal they can find?

Do you feel comfortable with the agency they work for?


Does your recruiter know you? Do they remember your family members names?

Do they go above and beyond?

Do they make you feel appreciated?


Do they have experience in their field?

Can they answer your questions?

Do they know to ask if they don't have the answers to your questions?

Point of Contact:

Will you work with one person or does the agency have multiple recruiters that you will be working with?

We prefer one point of contact.

John has a fantastic recruiter through Atlas Medstaff. If you would like her contact information drop us an email at and we will put you in touch!



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