Dry Fork Recreation Area | MO Boondocking

This location is perfect for visiting Columbia, MO or Jefferson City. We stayed here for 3 nights and may go back except for the fact that it has zero cell coverage.


Location: 38.786324, -92.123619

Length We Stayed: 3 Nights

Solitude: Day time hikers but no other campers

Distance to John's Work: 30 min

Services: Water and trash, vaulted toilets

T-Mobile Coverage: None (Very sad)

Time of year we stayed: October

Nearest Dump Station: Gander RV

More Info: https://freecampsites.net/#!2750&query=sitedetails

Location Notes:

This was a great landing place for us when we arrived. There was a trail right next to us to explore and water and trash very close which is super convenient. However, we live off of internet and while we can plan for a few days without it, we cannot sustain that so we decided to move on. There were also a few questionable people who looked to be permanently staying in one of the seven sites in the loop. We did not feel comfortable leaving our rig alone during the day but were later assured by a neighbor that they are all friendly and wouldn't bother us or our property. Still, you never know and we ultimately moved on. For an over night or a few nights where you don't leave anywhere, this was great. It should be noted that we opted to stay around the corner from the official campground so as not to disturb anyone with our late hour generator noise.


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The Farnsworths

We are the Farnsworths: John, Kristin, Aaron, Ethan, and Chloe. (Oh and our dog Cinder!) Our lives are anything but ordinary, and we are proud of the unconventional paths we’ve taken over the last 20+ years. 

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