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Dayton, NV BLM | NV Boondocking

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

If you like wide open spaces, this is for you. We enjoyed staying here and felt pretty safe - even leaving the rig to go explore. We stayed here for two weeks in May and even got to see wild horses come right up to our camp site. The roads are little rough and if it rains can be tricky. John was working in Reno and this is actually in Carson City so he did have a little bit of a commute. The good news though? It was really close to Tahoe!


Location: 39.223250, -119.639028

Length We Stayed: 2 Weeks

Solitude: Lots of room - a few other RVs

Distance to Renown Reno: 40 min

Services: None

T-Mobile Coverage: OK

Time of year we stayed: May

Location Notes:

This was a good spot overall but if you aren't comfortable camping in a wide open space and leaving your rig kind of exposed this might make you nervous. There were certainly other rigs around but very spaced out. There are no trees to hide or offer privacy which was a little odd feeling. Also there was a fair amount of trash. Many sites we passed had shot gun shells and random trash that people had clearly dumped. We steered clear of those areas as best we could. The wild horse wandering through our camp site was beautiful and the kids were entranced!

There is one reason we probably would be cautious to stay here again. There was an abundance of these annoying plants called fox tails. If you don't have a dog, you probably have nothing to worry about. But our pooch was addicted to them and they tore apart her insides. We ended up having to take her to an emergency vet who pulled 30 barbs out from her throat and mouth!




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