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Charles E Baker SF | NY Boondocking

Surprisingly, there are several places to boondock in the forests of central New York. The only problem is, many of them are not big enough for big rigs. The Brookfield Trail System in the Charles E Baker State Forest was perfect! It's off the main highways so you'll have to go a little out of your way. It was a chance we were willing to take as it was getting dark and we had no other options. Fortunately, it turned out to be just perfect! There is another area just up the road that has campsites nestled in the trees but this worked better as we are so large. You can stay

Brookfield Trails Parking Area: GPS: 42.79146315090328, -75.40754706537386

  • Length We Stayed: 1 nights

  • Solitude: no other campers

  • Services: none - dispersed camping

  • Cell Coverage: no cell coverage

  • Time of year we stayed: July


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