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Castle Hot Springs ST Trust | AZ Boondocking

In 2020 when the Pandemic hit, we escaped to this area to wait out the remainder of our contract for about two months. We bounced between several different spots. While this area is kind of out of the way, it was perfect for us. There were tons of trails to hike and ride our bikes. We saw wild donkeys and were close enough to the cute town of Wickenburg to get groceries away from the "big city." Be careful of parking at a trailhead though as on the weekends it does tend to fill up with horse riders and ATVers that don't care how close they park to you.

A permit IS required and can be found HERE. It is $25/year for a family and you will need to print it and place it on your RV and in your Vehicles.


  • Location: 34°48'04.4"N 111°55'12.3"W

  • Length We Stayed: Hopped around for two months

  • Solitude: Lots of space

  • Services: None

  • T-Mobile Coverage: Decent in certain spots, spotty in others

  • Time of year we stayed: Feb/Mar

AZ State Trust Land Map:

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