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Bobcat Landing Boat Ramp | SC Boondocking

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

This is about the ONLY place we have been able to boondock in the South East! It is a giant parking lot with plenty of room for big rigs. There were some people partying when we first got there but no one over night. As it was the end of August, we ran our generator all night to keep the AC on.


Location: 33°20'10.8"N 81°01'09.4"W

Length We Stayed: 1 Night

Solitude: Lots of room

Distance to Hospital: N/A

Services: Fire Ring

T-Mobile Coverage: Decent

Time of year we stayed: August

Location Notes:

This was great for a single night but I don't think we would stay multiple nights. There were a few times someone drove in and then turned around at late hours of the night. The water is funky color and we did not let our kids swim. But for one night, and very little other boondocking sites in the south, this was great.




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