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Behind Our Name

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Why did we choose the name "No Ordinary Path?"

It’s been 18 months since we first launched our channel in May of 2018. Can you believe it? Over a year on the road and tons of memories on this “unordinary path."

Ok ‘unordinary’ isn’t a word. How about extraordinary? Yeah, that pretty much describes it.

Right now we feel like it’s a good time to come clean and mention that while all this has been amazing sometimes we can feel downright tired. Like really tired. We find ourselves having those conversations about what comes next and why are we doing this anyway? It’s a good time to reflect and remember what No Ordinary Path really means to us and why we started this channel in the first place. This isn’t a post to talk about what’s next for us though - that is still unclear and we know when the time is right, doors will open that perhaps we haven’t even thought of yet. We are along for the ride. Quite literally

For more than 20 years we have made decisions in our life that were considered “not ordinary.” Each time we did, we knew in our hearts we were following the path set before us and it was often exhilarating. And many of the times, hard. Because things that are worth it are rarely easy. We didn’t want to be on the sidelines of our own life story. And we believed there was more to life than what we were doing. We wanted adventure, quality family time, inspire others. Sometimes all you need to finally go after something is to know that another ordinary person like yourself is doing it and it’s actually attainable.

Let’s talk about “ordinary” for a minute. Sometimes we might come across like ordinary is something bad. That’s NOT what we are saying at all! We aren't talking about daily living. Of course there isn’t anything wrong with living ordinary. I’m not trying to stick out just to be a rebel. (ok maybe a little) We still have ordinary days that involve work, and school, and chores, and cooking meals and...well living. But it looks different than what many expect. Our work involves travel nursing as a family when others say it’s only for singles. Our school involves hands on learning all over the country a few hours a day instead of 8 hours straight in a classroom. Our chores include packing up our RV, dumping our tanks, and keeping the small space we call home as tidy as is possible. And our cooking meals involves the smallest kitchen ever on removable counter tops.

We want to encourage you to take that unbeaten path. Follow that still small voice inside you that is prompting you toward something. That voice that we so often push away because it “sounds crazy” or “impossible” Have you heard it before? I hope so. And if not, maybe it’s time to step away from the hustle and bustle for moment and give yourself a chance to hear it.

We’ve recently given our website a total makeover. The intent is to put out actual helpful information and content to encourage others taking a similar path as ours. It was designed to follow our current means of making a living, our housing, and education for our kids. Of course right now that is travel nursing, living in an RV, and roadschooling our kids. We know someday this path is going to split off somewhere - it always does. And when that time comes we’ll update accordingly. This website was inspired by questions from YOU. We’re taking the time to add to it frequently so it’s always being updated.

Here’s what you can find there:

~Blog posts and updated information about travel nursing with a family and the process of getting started.

~Tons of information on full time RV living including our boondocking guide which includes an interactive map of all the places we’ve stayed and a review for each.

~How we roadschool and fun ideas to use in your own homeschool journey.

Plus, you can check out our Amazon shop. Here you’ll find our favorite things and a host of items we use in our everyday life. We are affiliates which means if you are shopping anyway but you do it from our link, you’ll pay the same amount but we’ll get a small portion.

Thank you for being here! If you have any suggestions or things you'd like to see, please leave us a comment!



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