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Bannie Mine (Prescott Basin NF) | AZ Boondocking

We did not stay in the location but we did make a video while scoping it out. We thought we might need to stay near Prescott for an extended period of time so we were trying to find good spots. We really liked this one but it was a little nerve-racking as there isn't much space to turn around with our big trailer. This location is about as far in as we would go. That said, it was a lovely change of scenery from down in Phoenix and would be a great place to stay. Oddly, we didn't take any photos while there. These are screenshots from our video. :)


  • Location: 34.485176, -112.371932

  • Length We Stayed: Just scoped it

  • Solitude: Several smaller sites along the road

  • Services: None

  • T-Mobile Coverage: Some

  • AT&T Coverage: Some

  • Time of year we stayed: Mar

Watch our Episode:


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