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Travel Nursing 

Travel Nursing is our means to a life of adventure and travel. Many people say travel nursing cannot be done with a family but we are proving them wrong. It absolutely can! Here you'll find many resources on how to become a travel nurse, choosing a great agency and recruiter, hospital reviews and much more.


John Farnsworth

ICU Travel Nurse

John has been working in the health care industry for over 20 years, over half of which has been as a critical care ICU nurse. After working for Flight For Life Colorado as a Flight Nurse, he decided to trade his wings for wheels. Now, 4 years in and 13 contracts completed, Travel Nursing has allowed our family to see the country and make incredible memories together. 

Travel Nursing Housing

While RVing is a great way to travel, many people find they prefer to rent furnished properties while on contract. Check out our Desert Oasis located in Phoenix, AZ.


Recruiter Information

We work with an amazing recruiter from Atlas Medstaff who is especially well versed in the needs of RV travelers. If you would like her information, please drop us a line here.

Blog Posts

Easily search through blog posts related to Travel Nursing.

Hospital & Agency Reviews

Watch videos from each Hospital and Agency John has personally worked for over the last 10 contracts.

Travel Nurse Course

(Coming Soon This Spring!) This complete Travel Nurse Course will take you from step one all the way through your first contract and beyond. You will receive 6 modules jam packed with video tutorials, PDF Downloads and tons of extra resources to help you get started.


YT Playlist

Watch our videos on Travel Nursing to learn everything from getting started, to getting good contracts, housing, tax homes, agencies, recruiters, crisis pay, taking your family and more.

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