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Travel Nursing Q&A With a Recruiter

During our visit to Atlas Medstaff headquarters John had a moment to ask Natasha Sage, his recruiter, some questions that we frequently hear from people looking to get into this industry.

What happens after we say we want to go to a certain area?

How does a recruiter go about finding us the job?

How is the industry broken down?

How can nurses make things easier for their recruiters?

How can I trust I've got a good recruiter?

How did Atlas Medstaff come to be?

These are some of the questions in this week's Real Talk Tuesday. Tasha does a great job of breaking down just how the travel nursing industry works in a nut shell. Check out our video to watch the interview.

If you are looking for a great recruiter, feel free to email us at and John will get you in touch with Natasha.



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