Road School 

Q&A List

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Below is a list of questions we often get related to all things road school. If you don't see your question here - please feel free to email us at We want to help you on your journey! We'll get back to you when we can and perhaps add it to our list as we will updating often. 

No Ordinary Path Video FAQ Index



Getting Started

What’s it like going from public to road school?

How did you start homeschooling?

Some encouragement for new homeschoolers -

How do you keep your sanity?

How to deal with tantrums?


Our curriculum - Easy Peasy & Time4Learning

Year 1 Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool - 

Year 2 Easy Peasy/Unschool Plan

Year 3 Changing it up again (Still EP) -

Year 4 Something New (Time4Learning) -

Unschooling Science and History


Other Ideas

What are some ideas for rainy days?

Extra badges with the Junior Ranger Program

Exploring your city activity -

Do you have a rewards system?  

What are some ideas for service projects?  

Forest School Ideas in NC - 

Adventuring with a Family:


How can you rock climb with kids?

How do I Geocache?

Can I pull a 4 yr old on single track?

What are the best adventure apps?

How can I motivate my kids to hike?

Updated 8/8/21