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Looking for answers about Travel Healthcare? You've come to the right spot. If you're brand new, you'll want to start off with our Travel Healthcare 101 series where we'll map out the whole process step-by-step from getting started to your first week on the job. 

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Still have more questions? Below is a list of questions we often get related to all things Travel Nursing. If you don't see your question here - please feel free to email us at We want to help you on your journey! We'll get back to you when we can and perhaps add it to our list as we will update often. 

No Ordinary Path Video Q&A Index

Travel Nursing


Getting Started

Things you should know first

How did you get started?

What should I expect when onboarding?

What advice would you give a nursing student?

What kind of travel Healthcare jobs are there?

Expectations of a travel nurse? 



How to find a great Recruiter

What is Atlas Medstaff like?

Why work for Atlas?

How does the Recruiter side work?


Securing Contracts

How can I tell if I have a good contract?

How do I avoid sketchy assignments?

Pros and Cons of revisiting same assignment 

How to revisit a contract without job posted?

What if I back out of a contract?

Can I take my family to Hawaii?



Should I chase crisis pay?

How do I budget between contracts?

What do I do for health Insurance?

Adventure Stipend with Atlas?!


Can my family “tag-along”?

Will I save a bunch of money RVing?

Can I stray from the Compact?

How do I settle into a new assignment?

Should I RV or Airbnb?

Is it hard to get out of travel nursing?

How do I get mail on the road?


Hospital Reviews

St. Luke’s Hospital, Kansas City

Sinai Hospital, Baltimore 

Banner Health, Phoneix

Renown, Reno 

Good Samaritan Hospital, Puyallup WA

MU Health, Columbia, MO

Banner Review Part 2 (Revisited)

Mission Hospital, Asheville NC

TriStar Centennial, Nashville TN


Pandemic Travel Nursing & RV Living:


Taking Crisis Contracts

What it’s like caring for Covid Patients in the ICU 

What's it like taking a Fastaff Crisis Contract? 

Can I still bring my Family in a Pandemic?

Quarantining while RVing

Traveling during shutdowns

Getting out post quarantine - is it safe?

Getting Covid Tested

Overcoming Covid blues 

Has the Pandemic affected RVing? (Data)

Covid Update Fall 2020

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