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About John

Drawing from more than two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, John seamlessly integrates his extensive expertise into all his creative endeavors. With a proven track record of seven years in content creation and scriptwriting, John possesses the skills and insight necessary to ensure the success of your projects. Whether you require reliability, adaptability, or authoritative content, John is well-equipped to meet your needs.

From crafting captivating blog articles that delve into the latest healthcare practices to producing fully edited and filmed series from a nursing perspective, John and No Ordinary Path are dedicated to helping you forge meaningful connections with patients, healthcare professionals, and other clients.


The History

John was born in Manhattan, KS (known as the "Little Apple") and spent his formative years navigating the back roads of rural Kansas City. His inspiration to pursue nursing stemmed from his mother, an accomplished Emergency nurse. Beginning his healthcare journey as an ER CNA, John assumed various roles within the healthcare system. Eventually, he earned a degree in business and served as the assistant manager for a local outpatient surgical center. However, he soon realized that the business aspect of healthcare didn't align with his aspirations so he returned to college to pursue a nursing degree.​After graduating from Saint Luke's College with a bachelor's degree, John commenced his nursing career as a new-grad RN in the Intensive Care Unit. His fervor for critical care prompted him to pursue flight nursing through one of the nation's most esteemed non-profit flight programs: Flight For Life Colorado. ​


For personal reasons, John and his family briefly relocated back to Kansas, where they acutely felt the absence of their adventurous lifestyle from Colorado. This experience sparked an unconventional idea: selling most of their possessions and transitioning their family into full-time RVing while embarking on travel nurse contracts nationwide. During this period, John and his wife, Kristin, began documenting their journey through a travelogue intended to share their adventures with family. However, they soon discovered that their modest YouTube channel was attracting a following.​Today, No Ordinary Path has evolved into a thriving social media brand. John draws upon his nursing expertise and life experiences to educate and empower fellow nurses and healthcare providers. Through No Ordinary Path and his collaborations with other nurses, John exemplifies the transformative impact of exploration and the limitless opportunities that arise when we venture beyond our comfort zones.

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