No Ordinary Path

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Who Are We?

What RV life is really like for this family of 5...

Hi! We are John and Kristin and we are so glad you are here! We are a family of five embarking on a RV journey! Our lives are anything but ordinary, and we are proud of the unconventional paths we’ve taken over the last 20 years; they’ve brought us much adventure and joy. We invite you to join us on another unconventional idea as we follow travel nursing jobs all over the US, road-school our kids, and make a million memories.

For many people, the ordinary path to happiness and success sounds like this: make a ton of money, settle down in a big house, in a nice neighborhood, near good schools. Then fill that house with stuff! We want to have more family adventures, and to use those adventures to show our kids what they could never learn from a classroom alone. Family and friends, we love you and we hope you’ll follow us on this crazy idea we have. Because this…This is No Ordinary Path.

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