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Preventing RV Pests: Mice, Flies & Ants

Bugs and rodents are pretty much my least favorite part about RVing. Fortunately they haven't really been that awful over the last two years of full time RV living. Below are the types of pests we've encountered, what part of the country they were the worst, and what we have done about it.


Fortunately we haven't had any of these tiny rodents running around in Wendy. I would be freaking out much more if that were the case. BUT we have had them in our van. Like IN the van while I was driving! Yuck!

The first time this happened was in Columbia, MO during our winter stay. We were at an RV park and had a few snows so we were mostly using the truck and my van would sit for a week at a time without getting use. It was then that the opportunistic mice found there way under my hood and went to town on my wiring! Since it is not covered by a warranty it still needs to get fixed, 3 contracts later! It affects my entertainment system and cruise control which is an annoyance but not unsafe.

The second time we encountered it was in Phoenix, AZ where field mice love to roam. They chewed some nerf bullets and eventually made a home INSIDE my van unknown to us. Who knows how long I drove around like that!

Prevent mice from getting into your car or RV by:

  • Moving it often - don't let your vehicle sit too long

  • Place rope lights under your RV or cars

  • Place Irish Spring soap chunks around the outside of the car & inside

  • Keep it clean

  • Store food in air tight containers

  • Use Peppermint Essential Oil on a cotton ball

Flies & Gnats

Flies can be a pesky all across the country but it was the worst in Phoenix, AZ. This was likely due to the specific area we stayed at Saddle Mountain.

Here are some ways we handle flies:

  • Fly tape - this has been the most effective way

  • Keep food and trash cans covered

  • Spring on your screen door to try to keep the door shut (Thanks kids!)

  • A dust buster -yep, vacuum them up!

  • A bug assault - on John's wish list

  • Bag of water with a penny in it

  • Spray your screens with this natural bug repellent -


Ants have not been an issue until we reached the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here in North Carolina we are dealing with these tiny pests.

There are a few ways you can deal with them:

  • Terro Traps

  • Diatomaceous Earth sprinkled around anything that touches the ground

  • Keep food stored in air tight containers

  • Use peppermint, lemongrass, citrus or tea tree essential oils

I don't love bugs as you can tell. Overall we haven't had too many of them. The worst areas for bugs of all kinds have been in the Pacific Northwest and now the Appalachians.

Watch our video here:



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