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Florence Junction State Trust Land | AZ Boondocking

Wide open spaces near Florence Arizona make for a perfect place to boondock with a group of friends or enjoy some solitude near the beautiful Superstition Mountians. You won't want to miss the orange-lit range at sunset. It's stunning! We have stayed near this area in Gold Canyon as well. In fact, there are lots of places on State Trust Land all throughout this area. Look for the fences off the highway that say State Trust. It may be intimidating because you will need to open the gate and close it behind you.

A permit is required but they are very inexpensive and cover the whole year. The permit states you may camp for 14 days in a 365 day period. There were rangers checking peoples permits and asking how long they had been there. They were super friendly and you can stay longer if you move to a different site. While there isn't a hard fast rule of distance, it was suggested to move about 5 miles away if you plan to move and stay another 14 days. You can get your permit here. The good news is, it's also good for any hiking or off roading you want to do on State Trust Lands. There are some really epic sites nearby to explore.

Brookfield Trails Parking Area: 33.2386371, -111.3382337

  • Length We Stayed: 4 nights

  • Solitude: several other campers but spread out

  • Services: none - dispersed camping

  • Cell Coverage: Really good Tmobile and Att&t

  • Time of year we stayed: Jan


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You can also find all kinds of downloads to help you on your boondocking journey like our comprehensive ebook chock full of how to manage all the things while camping off grid. You'll also find a complete National Parks Checklist and our Public Lands Directory.



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