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Oscar is a dachshund. He loves camping and riding a boat.


We know dogs are family. Join Cinder's fan club, The NOPups, by simply submitting a picture of your furry friend with their name and location and we will add it to our slideshow. We love stories too! If you have a cool dog story to tell we'd love to hear it. We will choose one per month to feature in our blog. 

Meet Cinder, aka "The Smooch"

For many, dogs are much more than furry pets, they are family. Cinder is no exception. She came into our family as a young pup just weeks old in the winter of 2014. If you're doing the math, yes, that means we had a puppy and a new born at the same time! The kids have grown up with her and in many ways she has become a sort of therapy dog to all of us. She knows when anyone is having a bad day and offers snuggles and plenty of "smooches." She is always excited when anyone comes home and she loves to play tug of war or catch. She loves chasing crabs on the beach, digging in the dirt and pouncing  

in piles of snow. She's the best dog we've ever had and someday we know there will come a day when we will have to say goodbye. It will be crazy hard but the love from and for this animal is incredible and we wouldn't trade that for anything.

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Proving Dogs are Angels in disguise

The Farnsworths

We are the Farnsworths: John, Kristin, Aaron, Ethan, and Chloe. (Oh and our dog Cinder!) Our lives are anything but ordinary, and we are proud of the unconventional paths we’ve taken over the last 20+ years. 

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